Comments on the new design

Visually I like the new look, but the CSS behind the site is pretty complex, I’m sure it’s more complex than it needs to be. There are lots of fixes in there for browser bugs/CSS glitches.

Most of these fixes are for browsers that very few people still use. I’d rather the content be readable across browsers, instead of pixel perfect. CSS this complex has got to be slowing things down, the file is 471 lines long.

So far my attempts to whittle down the CSS has managed to break things. I’d like to have just what I need to preserve the major aspects of look of the site. I don’t really care of the margins differ across browsers etc.

Anybody want to help me out? 🙂

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  1. use firefox and the web developer extension and just remove them on the fly … the best css wysiwig editor I know of … so long as it looks good in firefox it is bound to look good in most browsers we care about … once you get it the way you like it, then test it in the “other” browsers you care about

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