Testing Dragon app on the iPad

I haven’t posted anything in a long time just because I haven’t really had the time. But I got an iPad from work to test out and I decided to test out dictation software. I thought the best place to try that was on my blog so we’ll see how it works. Maybe I’ll post more often. I’m still amazed that Dragon software for the iPad is free. The app is very limited compared to what the full software on the Mac or PC would be but when all you really want to do is get some text into a computer this is a great way to do it.

Library Monk Lives!

Aside from being an archive of Twitter posts my blog was pretty dormant for 2009 and 2010. But I’m taking a class in Instructional Technology at UTK (thank you UT staff fee waiver) IT 566 that’s being taught online almost exclusively through blogs and Twitter.

So there’s a new category for the class and an associated RSS feed for those that want to follow along.

Sometime I’ll probably put a fresh coat of paint on here. The design I’m currently using is a custom WordPress theme I designed in January 2006. After five years it could use an update.

So it’s 2009…

And it’s taken me just over 3 full weeks to post anything. I find that most of my “what am I doing” type posts are now handled by Twitter. As far as LIS content goes, I’m not actively involved in LIS education anymore, I haven’t taught since 2005 or taken any classes since 2006. So my LIS content is limited to the occasional job related post.

On that score, my attempts at getting a tenure track library job have met with little success for various reasons. I’m geographically limited by choice, so those jobs are rare. Although I occasionally look at jobs in other states and ponder the possibilities.

In late 2007 I passed up an opportunity to leave library life for a much higher paying position with UT, all because I was chasing a tenure track job. It’s a decision that little over a year later I regret, given how 2008 did not work in my favor employment-wise.

So I’m left with a few questions for 2009. The first is: “What’s the purpose of this blog?”

I do work in a library but I’m not as connected to the happenings in LIS land as I once was. At one time I got a few mentions as a LIS blogger. (Thanks, Walt.) However,with the sparse postings around here, my readership is probably nil, and rightly so. The hosting costs of Library Monk are now essentially zero, so another than the domain names Library Monk costs me nothing to keep running. But does a sparingly read blog need to exist?

The second question is “Do I need a new job?”

I’ve had my current job for a about 2.5 years now. I’ve changed departments and gotten a couple small pay raises but with the current economy I have no idea when I’ll see another raise. I’ve recently picked up a freelance web design job and it’s made me ponder leaving the relative safety of my academic library staff job for a higher paying private sector job.

My only issue here is that while my take home pay stinks the benefits are quite good. The medical insurance benefit alone is worth several hundred dollars a month. So while I might gain take home pay, I’ll probably lose at least some benefits.

So that’s what I’m ponder here in the early days of the Obama administration. I guess Tuesday’s momentous change has me pondering changes of my own.

Library Thing

Added Library Thing to my right sidebar. Seems to slow down my page loads a bit. Is it noticeable enough to be a bother? Does anybody read this blog anymore? 🙂

On Twitter

I’m realizing that Twitter has given my blog a new lease on life. Making my tweets display on the front page definitely keeps the blog more on my mind since I use twitter and twitterific heavily these days. Pondering a Library Monk redesign now, but I have lots of other projects on the to-do list ahead of that.

Updated to WordPress 2.5

Updated Library Monk to WordPress 2.5 The backend is very different. I especially like the automatic plugin updating feature. That caused me to update a few really old versions of plugins I was using.

Also added my tweets from Twitter on the main page.

More later..