The CSS is still a bit convoluted, but thanks to some help from Matt I was able to clean things up a bit. I’ve also made the site readable in Netscape 4.x Amazingly I was able to get Netscape Communicator 4.8 to run on my machine.

As I’ve said before Netscape 4.x is a horrible browser, but I wanted to make sure the content was accessible for that 1% of people that are unfortunate enough to use it. The site is also accessible in Lynx. Further testing at Browser Emulator shows that the site will work in several older browsers, Netscape 1.0 for example. 🙂 Speed tests show that the site is at least bearable on a dialup connection. I also checked against WCAG and Section 508 guidelines and didn’t find any problems.

So I’m calling the major design finished. There are little things here and there and at some point I may totally rewrite the CSS. But for now I’m letting the dust settle.

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