Potentially headed back to Knoxville

I’ve applied for a job in Knoxville. No, I’m not going to tell you what it is, you think I want everybody applying for it? 🙂 It does tie in my web design skills and library background nicely and I hope I get the job.

I’ve tried the PhD thing twice now, once at UT and currently here at Missouri. It’s really not for me. But if nothing else comes along I’ll finish out my assistantship here and possibility even finish the PhD if I can keep myself motivated that long. But I’ve determined academic research isn’t for me, I’d rather be out there doing something.

Stephanie is applying for jobs both here in Missouri and at UT. So who gets a job where and when determines who moves back to Knoxville first. But we’ll both be in Knoxville eventually along with Lisa and all the critters.

Wish us luck. 🙂

8 Replies to “Potentially headed back to Knoxville”

  1. We want you back to knoxville first. Its not that we don’t like stephanie, its just that we like you better.

    Who says you can’t stay in a phd program indefinitely with no motivation? You must be doing something wrong. What you need is a good hobby to keep you from showing up to often, and a pillow at your desk to make the days that you do more bearable.

  2. Now that’s just plain mean…Stephanie is way cooler than me. 🙂 I probably am doing something wrong, which is why the Ph.D sucks.

  3. well thats cause I am like 10 inches shorter than you, and we all know hot air rises… LOVE YA!!! (Matthew when we get back to Knoxville, you can count your days…. cause I am sure Dan will loan me a crutch or two…)

  4. So, after you break my legs with the crutches, do I get to use them, or should I supply my own? I can see myself going into the lab now, explaining that it wasn’t some sort of mountain biking or rock climbing accident, but that I actually did get beat up by a short girl and a librarian.

    But be warned, I know where richard keeps his ski poles, and I’m not afraid to use them! And I can shout “HEY” really loud, too.

  5. Crutches seem a bit more ummmph behind them, ski poles just seem a bit slim and not substantial (unless of course you are caught off guard and poked in the eye with them….)

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