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Doug Raber – Public Library Director

Doug Raber, a friend and former advisor of mine at both Tennessee and Missouri, is leaving academia to be the public library director in Ferndale, Michigan. The local paper there has the story.

Best of luck Doug, dress warmly. 🙂

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More on the sad state of Hoskins Library

The Knoxville News Sentinel has a story on Hoskins Library. The damage over there is pretty serious. If you ask me they should just tear down the Kefauver wing instead f trying to fix the foundation (which has been tried before).

Be sure to check out the video that goes with the article. Some of those cracks are quite large. It will take serious money to fix all that damage even if the foundation is fixed.

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Hoskins Library: A Secret History

Knoxville’s Metro Pulse weekly paper has a story on UT’s Hoskins Library which used to be the main library. It now houses archives and special collections among other things and has fallen into disrepair.

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Dreamweaver vs GoLive

The battle is here. With Dreamweaver and GoLive now both owned by Adobe, what will get included in Creative Suite? The answer is… both.

CS Premium will include both GoLive and Dreamweaver. I wonder how long that will last? And I guess Fireworks will disappear which is sad. I’ve never felt that Photoshop was that great for web graphics.

I’ve used Dreamweaver/Fireworks since version 2. I started using it because it intergated nicely with HomeSite, the HTML editor I’ve used since Nick Bradbury (a UT alumni) still owned it.

Sadly Homesite appears to be another neglected product. Allaire kept developing it, and Macromedia kept it current, but I doubt Adobe sees a need for it. I’m mostly using a Mac this days anyway, so no more Homesite for me.

I mainly use Dreamweaver in code view since it doesn’t display CSS layouts as well as i would like. I’ve never used GoLive that much. Hopefully Adobe will take the best features from GoLive and Dreamweaver and make a great product. The chances of that are probably pretty slim…

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Not a lot of time

Blogging has slowed down because life is still busy and I haven’t had much time to think, let alone post anything. I’m settling in to a new office and am beginning to figure out my job. Right now I’m waiting on computers and software so I can debug a new site design…

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Work Work Work

Well I’m starting to get settled in at Hodges. Still waiting on keys to my office, which may not matter since I may be moving offices anyway. Still don’t know quite what I’m doing yet, but I do know I’m the only person in Hodges whose sole job is designing web sites. That probably means I’m going to be staying busy.

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Definitely headed back to Knoxville

July was a quiet month in Library Monk blog land, but a busy one in real life. I’m officially out of MU’s SISLT Ph.D program and our house is for sale.

I’ve accepted a job at Hodges Library, IT Technologist III in Library Outreach. We move in to a leased townhouse on the 25th and I have orientation on the 28th.

Anybody want to help us pack? To any Knoxville folks you’re welcome to help us unpack.

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Potentially headed back to Knoxville

I’ve applied for a job in Knoxville. No, I’m not going to tell you what it is, you think I want everybody applying for it? 🙂 It does tie in my web design skills and library background nicely and I hope I get the job.

I’ve tried the PhD thing twice now, once at UT and currently here at Missouri. It’s really not for me. But if nothing else comes along I’ll finish out my assistantship here and possibility even finish the PhD if I can keep myself motivated that long. But I’ve determined academic research isn’t for me, I’d rather be out there doing something.

Stephanie is applying for jobs both here in Missouri and at UT. So who gets a job where and when determines who moves back to Knoxville first. But we’ll both be in Knoxville eventually along with Lisa and all the critters.

Wish us luck. 🙂

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Smokey the Pimp

Based on Smokey here, you have to wonder what’s been going on at UT since I left….

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Rocky Top, Tennessee

Well, the UT men’s basketball team beat another #2 team. First it was Texas, this time it was Florida. And the won in front of the largest crowd in 15 years, 24,011. And according to some, Bruce Pearl is going to be Coach of the Year.