The Lovesong of A. Radical Militant Librarian

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The Lovesong of A. Radical Militant Librarian
By: Robert S. Ryan – 12/16/05

Oh, I am just an RML
I’m militant. I’m radical.
I plot to thwart the FBI
When I am on sabbatical.

I hold the most bizarre beliefs,
Perhaps they are exotic –
Due process, law and privacy
Can still be Patriotic

That there are ways that we can fight
Fanatics and their wrath
And still stay free and not eject
The baby with the bath

When panic strikes, the pendulum
Will often swing too far
Like Robert Frost, I think we should
Choose something like a star

Let’s not, with hearts as pure as snow
Destroy what we would save
You can’t preserve our way of life
If freedom’s in the grave

Our history will clearly show
We often go to far
McCarthy and the Black List
And the camp at Manzanar

Our saving grace – with passing time
We recognize our sin
This time, let’s anticipate
And not go plunging in

Let’s avoid the smallest step
Upon the slippery slope.
As corny as it sounds, we are
Still mankind’s greatest hope.

We blunder, stumble, make mistakes
Yet somehow, we still try.
And many eyes still dance
To see that banner in the sky.

So let’s be proud to be among
The many who say “Wait,
Let’s think this through, let’s not be rash.”
Before it is too late.

If we and the FBI do not
Agree, well, that’s our right.
It doesn’t mean we don’t support
Our country in this fight.

The disagreement is the thing that shows
Our country’s worth the cost.
The blood, the lives, the tears, the sweat
That we and ours have lost.

So wear your button proudly
Beause you’re an RML
And if some folks don’t like it, well,
They can go to…someplace else where discussions like
this aren’t permitted.

Bob Ryan
Hill, Farrer & Burrill
Los Angeles
(And, as always, the opinions expressed here are mine and not those of Hill, Farrer or Burrill, all of whom are deceased. Yet still patriotic.)

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  1. 😛 didn’t know it was a poem, shame on my unintelligence, blame it on the pregnancy hormones

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