Grades are in

Grades are in. I got 2 A’s and a B. Which makes my GPA 3.7. (No plus/minus system for grad students) It was a rough semester, I’m happy to do as well as I did. The statistics class, Quantitative Research I, was especially hard but at least I got a B. I’m taking Quantitative Research II next semester to get my research sequence out of the way.

I made an A in Qualitative Research I, so you’d think I would take Qualitative Research II next semester. There are problems with that idea. Qual II requires an actual research project and field work. That might not be so bad if the class wasn’t in the Educational Psychology department, same as Qual I. The classes just don’t have a lot of bearing on library and info science. That was the extremely frustrating thing about Qual I, I’m not sure the professor really understood what I was talking about. So I’m very happy with the A there.

My second A was an independent study. If you can’t make an A there, you picked the wrong independent study. 🙂

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