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Vote Palin? If that’s what you want to do sure

Palin intrigues me. I’m amazed that she has risen so far so fast. Her speech at the RNC really resonated with a lot of people. Among them is my friend Chrissie. She had the honor (?) a few days ago of getting quoted in an article that was picked up by AP and now it’s worldwide.

From the article:

But then there’s Chrissie Peters. The 37-year-old librarian from Bristol, Tenn. has always voted Democratic and supported Clinton. She assumed she’d vote for Obama — until she saw Palin speak. Now she’s voting Republican.

“She was so down-to-earth, a regular person,” says Peters. “She hasn’t been in politics her whole life, so she isn’t jaded or tainted. And I love that she’s a mom. Yes, I disagree with some of her positions, but that’s what this country is about.”

Chrissie tells me that she’s gotten some flak from Library Land and the rest of the online world. There is an expectation out here I think that librarian = Democrat. I’ve always thought that you should vote for the person and not the party. That’s exactly what Chrissie is doing so cheers you Chrissie for doing that. Can I vote for you for President? If not I’ll just vote Obama I guess. Although I’m not crazy about Biden…

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End of an era

Hodges Library no longer has a reference desk. We had a wake for it yesterday afternoon. Day to day reference questions have been moved upstairs to the Commons desk.

In fact Hodges no longer has a reference department. It’s been split into Integrated User Services, Research Services, and Research Collections. I understand and support the reasons for it but it is sad to see the end of an era.

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Doug Raber – Public Library Director

Doug Raber, a friend and former advisor of mine at both Tennessee and Missouri, is leaving academia to be the public library director in Ferndale, Michigan. The local paper there has the story.

Best of luck Doug, dress warmly. 🙂

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We have the power

Well technically my new house does. The floors are done and the electricity is on and working.

Stephanie has updates. The wood floors look nice. I’m really pleased with how the floors turned out.

More Lisa birthday pictures.

The library reorg picked up steam yesterday, some new appointments have been made and searches are starting. A couple of the new jobs look very appealing.

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In what appears to be a monthly event…

…I’m blogging. The house is still under construction but we’re really close to being done now. Stephanie has updates.

Lisa is now two, pictures are here.

Work is still busy, the library reorganization (and resulting confusion continues)…

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More on the sad state of Hoskins Library

The Knoxville News Sentinel has a story on Hoskins Library. The damage over there is pretty serious. If you ask me they should just tear down the Kefauver wing instead f trying to fix the foundation (which has been tried before).

Be sure to check out the video that goes with the article. Some of those cracks are quite large. It will take serious money to fix all that damage even if the foundation is fixed.

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I am the Annoyed Librarian

Those of you out there you read this blog, (all five of you) may wonder why postings here are infrequent. That’s because I dedicate most of my time to Annoyed Librarian.

That’s right I am the Annoyed Librarian! And so are Karen and Jason. I am Spartacus… err Annoyed Librarian!

The movement is spreading!

Annoyed Librarian

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Hoskins Library: A Secret History

Knoxville’s Metro Pulse weekly paper has a story on UT’s Hoskins Library which used to be the main library. It now houses archives and special collections among other things and has fallen into disrepair.

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A Delicious post on life

Just a miscellaneous post on life etc. I’ve started using a lot recently. I just got tired of lots of links I didn’t use that often in my browser.

Prior to Oct. 10, the last time I added anything to was Dec. 11, 2005. Anyway you can have a look at my links if you so choose.

In other news I’ve changed departments here at Hodges, from Outreach to Library Technology Services, a.k.a Systems. So I have a bigger cube and an office that my cell phone works in, but sadly no pay raise.

Work has started on our new house, earth is being moved. 🙂

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Congrats Walt!

Walt’s been in a sort of job limbo for a while. Well now he has a new gig, Director & Managing Editor, PALINET Leadership Network. It’s a job that seems made for you Walt, so again congrats!