Vote Palin? If that’s what you want to do sure

Palin intrigues me. I’m amazed that she has risen so far so fast. Her speech at the RNC really resonated with a lot of people. Among them is my friend Chrissie. She had the honor (?) a few days ago of getting quoted in an article that was picked up by AP and now it’s worldwide.

From the article:

But then there’s Chrissie Peters. The 37-year-old librarian from Bristol, Tenn. has always voted Democratic and supported Clinton. She assumed she’d vote for Obama — until she saw Palin speak. Now she’s voting Republican.

“She was so down-to-earth, a regular person,” says Peters. “She hasn’t been in politics her whole life, so she isn’t jaded or tainted. And I love that she’s a mom. Yes, I disagree with some of her positions, but that’s what this country is about.”

Chrissie tells me that she’s gotten some flak from Library Land and the rest of the online world. There is an expectation out here I think that librarian = Democrat. I’ve always thought that you should vote for the person and not the party. That’s exactly what Chrissie is doing so cheers you Chrissie for doing that. Can I vote for you for President? If not I’ll just vote Obama I guess. Although I’m not crazy about Biden…

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  1. Dan,

    Thanks for the positivity. It means a lot — and that is from the bottom of my heart!

    For a group of people who pride ourselves on looking out for others’ rights and for protecting people’s privacy, I think that we (and yes, I include myself here) could really stand practicing these things with people within our own community more than we currently do. When a library-related person speaks against what the majority seems to hold near and dear, labels come out quickly. I was really stunned by one person’s comments: “I thought that fellow librarians were all about the truth. Please stop talking! You are giving librarians a bad name.” It kinda left me befuddled, in all honesty.

    If nothing else comes from this whole situation, though, I hope that it will motivate people to learn more about the issues, to further investigate the candidates, and most of all, to compel them to get out there and vote on Tuesday, November 4. Regardless of any affiliation, beliefs, past voting tendencies, etc., I hope that people go out and vote for the person(s) that they believe will be most beneficial to lead our country. It isn’t up to the other nations of the world. It isn’t up to those who talk smack to others and tell people not to voice their opinions — it is up to each and every one of us. And it isn’t just our right — it is also our responsibility!

    Thanks, Dan. As aways, you ROCK!!!

  2. Glad I could inject some positivity into what seems to be a nasty backlash. Gave me a reason to take a few minutes and post to the blog in any case. 🙂

  3. That’s interesting, I hadn’t thought that about librarians = Democrats. Around here, I just assume everyone is Republican until I get to know them.

    I’d say most yoga teachers will be voting for Obama this year, if they vote at all.

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