Noodles and Libraries

Well, I still feel like a sleepy wet noodle, but the noodle experiment should be over today once I go to therapy. I can barely move and I can fall asleep at the drop of a hat, so I’m definitely taking too much Baclofen. But I did it so that my therapist can see what that much Baclofen does and see that it’s detrimental, not helpful.

And in other news I’m trying to get back into the library swing of things. I’ve made sure that my ASIS&T and TLA memberships are up to date and I joined ALA for the first time. One of the reasons I joined ALA was to be a member of the Public Library Association and the Library Research Round Table. Those should help out with the Ph.D stuff. I also joined the Library History Round Table and the New Members Round Table. Hopefully I’ll be able to make some connections that will help me out later.

One Reply to “Noodles and Libraries”

  1. Hope your “noodle” experimpent is over and the therapists reconize that it is not doing you as much good as they thought, and if fact is doing more “harm” to your progress. On a library note, David is working in the library in Forrest City, how ironic is that?

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