Jeopardy announces Ultimate Tournament of Champions

Jeopardy announced an Ultimate Tournament of Champions yesterday. Basically it’s a contest to see who can beat Ken Jennings.

Any former winner of the Tournament of Champions, College Championship or Teen Tournament is invited, as well as over 100 undefeated five time champions. It will take 15 weeks to get to the finals, where the 2 finalists will play Ken. The winner will get 2 million dollars.

Finally we have the chance to see how those past champions that could only play 5 times will do against Ken, the 74 time winner.

2 Replies to “Jeopardy announces Ultimate Tournament of Champions”

  1. I cannot wait for this Ultimate Tournament of Champions. I am a HUGE fan of Ken Jennings!!!

  2. This Ultimate Tournament of Champions will be a big one for Ken Jennings. This will only work if the New England Patriots win the Super Bowl this Sunday. Then, Ken will be able to go through the Ultimate Tournament of Champions easily.

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