The new blog design

Well, it’s been about a week since I switched the blog to WordPress and changed the design. I really like WordPress. It’s easier to understand and customize than Movable Type, since I understand PHP, and I really like the plugin system. And I really like that WordPress is totally dynamic. Sure you can have a dynamic Movable Type setup now, but dynamic MT feels like an afterthought. I don’t miss the constant MT site rebuilds at all.

I think I’ve stopped fiddling with the design for a while, I’ve got the blog pretty much how I want it. I just added some buttons to the Other section of the sidebar, Get Firefox, Valid XHTML and CSS etc. Because what’s a blog without all those 80×15 buttons? I even found a button maker where you can make your own.

In other news I still feel like a wet noodle, but I’m not as sleepy since I’m drinking caffeine today.