A sleepy wet noodle

That’s what I feel like today, a sleepy wet noodle. I started taking Baclofen again last night, a drug that’s supposed to help me move better. I never noticed that Baclofen did anything that help me, in fact I think I did better without it. So I stopped taking it a month or two ago.

But I’ve started back to therapy (I’ve been going for a month now) and my therapist seems to think Baclofen helps. She talked to my doctor yesterday and my doctor said to take more of it. (I didn’t tell either one of them that I had stopped taking it.)

So I’m taking Baclofen again and I’m really noticing side effects that I didn’t notice before, probably since I haven’t taken any in a while. I’m definitely drowsy and my vision is a little blurred. That and I feel like a wet noodle. But Baclofen is a “muscle relaxant and an antispastic agent”, so it’s supposed to make me a wet noodle. But being a wet noodle actually makes it harder to move, not easier.

I’m going to keep taking it at least until therapy on Thursday. I really hope these side effects subside, I am not a happy guy. But at least I’m getting the brace for my right foot Thursday.

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  1. Sometimes we know our own bodies better than the Doctors. Keep track of what you feel and do your own thing if the Doctors do not agree with you!

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