A view of librarians from the right – Kill them!

Ordinarily, I would not post about something from the right-wing TownHall.com (being pretty to the left myself) but this article is just too bizarre. Rich Lowry in his article, “The ideological librarians” seems to equate the free flow of information and being accommodating to the homeless as sedition and subversion of the Bush administration. Oh and all librarians have hair that is “usually wrapped in a tight bun, of course”.

His defense of the USA Patriot Act is weak. he basically says, “Sure the law is on the books but library records have not been subpoenaed yet.” But the point is that the law exists and can be used.

And lest we forget the ALA passed a resolution supporting jailed librarians in Cuba. Somehow Lowry concludes that this further supports the idea of the ALA’s anti-Bush leanings. He may very well be correct that ALA is anti-Bush, and I have no problem with that. But this backhand slap has no place in the article.

San Diego Independent Media Center has an excellent rebuttal of the article. It’s definitely more interesting than Rich Lowry.