Things in the life of Dan

Just thought I’d post to the blog since I haven’t in over a week. Ph. D studies have really kicked into high gear, staying very busy with that. I’ve been trolling through articles looking for stuff on the digital divide (primarily as it relates to libraries). First Monday seems to be good place for that, as is D-Lib to a lesser extent.

My computer situation is looking better. About 2 weeks ago I managed to blow up two computers in one day. One was a new Pentium 4 3.0GHz box for me and the other was my old machine that I was going to rebuild for my mom. Well, I bought mom a new computer instead. I got her a Athlon 2400+ (2 GHz) machine, a nice upgrade from her K6 450 MHz box. And my P4 is on it’s way back to me after its warranty repair. Luckily my Pentium 3, 1 GHz laptop still works, although with only 16 meg of video memory and 256 meg of RAM it’s a bit underpowered. And then there is my trusty iMac, which I suppose I could use for more than a jukebox, if I could afford all the software needed to make it useful.

If you are looking for good computer systems check out Monarch Computer Systems (where I got the P4 from) and (where I got mom’s computer). Both are good places, Mwave is a good value and Monarch’s service and support are excellent.

Been wanting to add some things to the blog, like book links and a blogroll, but I’ve been short on time and BlogRolling is not accepting new signups anyway.

Tennesee plays Georgia today, I had tickets but didn’t feel like going and gave them away. Hopefully they’ll play better than they did against Auburn last week. The next home home game after today is against Duke on November 1. I’ll be there, hopefully they’ll win that one.