Gearing up for classes

Well today was spent gearing up for the start of classes Monday. I did a bit of graduate research assistant orientation and got keys to one of my two shared offices. Yeah, apparently I have two offices. After that I talked to Doug about independent study stuff for a while and then he, Stephanie and I went out to eat lunch at a pizza place near campus. Then Stephanie and I went and got my student ID, signed me up for health insurance, and got me a parking permit.

Then I us drove is home. I didn’t scare Stephanie too badly and I wasn’t a nervous wreck when we got home so that was good. Now I just need to drive to campus and then I should be able to repeat the process by myself. Hopefully anyway, my sense of direction is usually pretty bad. 🙂

Columbia, Missouri News

Some Columbia news to report. I got an assistantship at SISLT. So I’ll have a job when a get to Columbia, which is very good.

Stephanie and I are flying to Columbia next week to look at houses. Wish us luck.

Change is in the air

Well change is in the air, actually it has been for quite some time, I just couldn’t talk about it until now. Now that the announcement has been made at both UT and UM that Dr. Doug Raber is going to Missouri, I can chime in with my own news.

Back in October of last year Doug told me he was applying for a position at the University of Missouri – Columbia’s School of Information Sciences and Learning Technologies. He also asked if I was interested in going to Missouri. It took a while to get my ducks in a row, but I’ve applied to the Ph.D program there.

It will be a few weeks before I hear anything but if all goes well I’m headed to Columbia for the fall semester. I’ll be posting more about this as events unfold but I just wanted to let the cat out of the bag.