Columbia, Missouri News

Some Columbia news to report. I got an assistantship at SISLT. So I’ll have a job when a get to Columbia, which is very good.

Stephanie and I are flying to Columbia next week to look at houses. Wish us luck.

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  1. Congratulations! Just remember that dissertation is a verb – either an action or a state of being. Also remember that the first duty of any graduate student is to get done and get out!

    On another note, are you the same Dan Greene who was in HSTA in West Virginia, and former webmaster for WVSTA? Please let me know by return email address. We need some info from you if you are.

  2. Hi Dan, Good luck finding a place in Columbia. There are a ton of good spots to live here.
    I’m a professor at the school of journalism… And I have a little bird in my head that tells me I should try for a doctorate in learning technologies. Congrats and I hope you enjoyed your trip to Mizzou.

  3. Congratulations! That is where I got my MLS! I hope you enjoy it there. I am originally from St. Louis and I loved the town of Columbia while I lived there.
    My only complaint while I was there: One shopping mall.

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