A new pope

Cardinal Ratzinger – Pope Benedict XVI. Heaven help us. I am not a happy Catholic. Ratzinger is much too conservative for me. After all he was head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. He’s the guy who went after church dissidents and upheld church policy against attempts for reform. They used to call that the Inquisition you know, and it doesn’t have the best reputation.

I agree with Jurandir Arauj, of the National Conference of Bishops Afro-Brazilian Section who told Reuters: “It seems that he is too conservative. Hopefully the Holy Spirit can help him change. We expected a person like John Paul. Somebody who could give the Church alternatives … open the Church to the world, look more at reality.”

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  1. The Pope has already proven where he stands….by forcing the editor of America magazine to resign because he dared to publish articles that showed all sides of a given subject. The Vatican, of course, wants us to see only their side of everything. Yes, the Inquisition all over again.
    I’ve had enough…at this point I am sorry I ever converted to Catholicism. I would never do it if I had known then what I know now!! The Church as far as I am concerned is an evil institution!!

  2. I too was disappointed to see Ratzinger, I think if he had is choice Vatican II would have never even happened.

    I honestly believe that American Catholics are at the very beginning of what could be similar to the Protestant Reformation. We are disinfranchised with our religion, seeking answers, and questioning dogma. The Vatican just wants to rule with an even harsher iron fist, very similar to what happened with Catholic Counter Reformation.

    The Jesuits, through their education and works became the main instruments of the Counter-Reformation and helped preserve the Catholic faith in France and other countries. What is ironic is that these same “soldiers of Christ” who helped Catholicism during one of the greatest spilts of Christianity, now have long been distrusted within the church they serve due to them being the most intellectual and freethinking of orders.

    While at Saint Louis University, I learned from one of my Jesuit instructors, that is only through questioning and education can one develop a deep undertanding and strengthening of ones faith. Pity the powers within the Vatican do not feel the same way.

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