Gearing up for classes

Well today was spent gearing up for the start of classes Monday. I did a bit of graduate research assistant orientation and got keys to one of my two shared offices. Yeah, apparently I have two offices. After that I talked to Doug about independent study stuff for a while and then he, Stephanie and I went out to eat lunch at a pizza place near campus. Then Stephanie and I went and got my student ID, signed me up for health insurance, and got me a parking permit.

Then I us drove is home. I didn’t scare Stephanie too badly and I wasn’t a nervous wreck when we got home so that was good. Now I just need to drive to campus and then I should be able to repeat the process by myself. Hopefully anyway, my sense of direction is usually pretty bad. 🙂

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  1. Your sense of direction is better than you give yourself credit for, you did not get us lost when we went driving around town! I am the one who turned on the wrong road and you knew how to get us back to where we needed to go with no problem.

  2. I hope parking is better there than when I attended Mizzou. When classes started it was worse than the mall at Christmas.

  3. So, do you have to have office hours in both offices at once? You can sit in the more comfortabe one, store your stuff in the other, then give the annoying students directions to the office you aren’t in. And the cute students directions to the real office.

  4. Too bad you don’t live here anymore, you could give the cute students directions to MY office.

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