Taking the plunge

Well my laserdisc player and Star Wars LDs are now for sale on eBay.

It’s my first time selling on eBay so I probably didn’t do things in the most efficent/best way. Selling on eBay is easy to do but hard to do right. I used to wonder how eBay made money but not anymore. They nickel and dime you for everything. An extra 50 cents here, 15 cents there, and the next thing you now you’ve spend 7 bucks to list your item.

The LD’s have already sold, guess my “Buy It Now” price was a little low. Live and learn I guess.

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  1. Hey – I’m helping reassemble the Rockytop Brigade. If you would like to be listed, can you send me an email address for the blog and tell me what part of the state you’re located in? It looks like you’re an expat, but would you rather be listed as East?


    mail at jonathanhickman dot com

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