Star Wars on DVD

We all know the original trilogy is coming out this September on DVD.. However, there is a problem. You have to buy each movie seperately (at around $20 a piece). And each movie also comes with the 2004 special edition versions, which I already own. Am I still going to buy them? Yeah. 🙂

I’ll admit I’m a bit of a Star Wars fan. I used to own almost every Star Wars book written, but I sold them when we moved. I couldn’t let go of the movie collection though. I own 3 versions of the original trilogy on VHS; original, THX, and special editions. I also bought a laserdisc player just so I could watch the original versions of the trilogy in better than VHS quality.

I watched the movies once (laserdiscs are a bitch to deal with) and never used the laserdisc player again. It’s in my garage now. LD players are selling on eBay now for about 1/5 of what I paid for it when I got it off eBay. So I’ll probably just throw it away. I have the 1994 Definitive Collection LD Box Set which is also selling on eBay for much less then it was when I got it. So it might go in the trash too.

Why get rid of the laserdiscs? Because the DVDs coming out in September are just copies of the LDs. No updating, remastering, etc. Some people (Penny Arcade) think this is because George Lucas taped over the originals. In any cause these no need to keep a giant LD player and silver Frisbees around.

I always intended to copy the LDs to DVD myself. I have all the equipment, just never wanted to spend the time doing it. eBay solved that problem. I got DVD copies for about $30. Pretty good considering the hours of work that transfer probably took.

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