A new semester begins

Today begins a new semester. Being back in classes will hopefully save me from myself. People spend their free time in lots of different ways. I usually work on web sites. Changes to this site went pretty well, my other projects didn’t turn out as planned. In attempting to integrate Stephanie’s blog and photo gallery I accidentally deleted her photos. And it turns out that the plugin to tie Gallery and WordPress together isn’t working quite right. Maybe I’ll get that figured out at some point. It might be configuration issue with the server and Apache mod_rewrite but the people that Stephanie’s blog is hosted with say everything is normal.

I’ve been looking at BlueHost for a while. Their servers and software are more current than where Stephanie’s site is currently hosted, and they offer a lot more disk space. I signed up today and got a free domain name. Since Stephanie’s site is hobbit81.com and this site is librarymonk.com I got the domain hobbitandmonk.com. Not much there at the moment, I just think it’s a fun name. 🙂

Since Stephanie’s gallery is in disarray, I decided to make a separate site for Lisa. So if you are so inclined, take a look. How many kids have a website before they’re even born. 🙂

So here’s hoping classes give me something else to do.