Back in Columbia

Due to a shipping mixup, Stephanie and I moved all our stuff to Columbia a little sooner than we expected. Last Thursday I ordered two very nice Dell UltraSharp 1905FP 19 inch LCD monitors so I could give Stephanie my current monitors, a Dell UltraSharp 1900FP 19 inch LCD and a Viewsonic VE700 17 inch LCD.

Anyway the shipping estimate was 3+ weeks so I thought no problem, I’ll get them sent to Columbia, since we planned to move around July 8th. The next day I find out that my monitors have already shipped and are on their way to Columbia way ahead of the July 15th shipping estimate I got the day before.

So we need to get to Columbia and get there fast. We decided to go ahead and move all our stuff so we can be there when the monitors arrive. So we call everybody we know and start packing the house Friday night. By Sunday at noon all our stuff is packed in a 17 foot U-Haul truck and we are on the road. Roughly 10 hours later we pull into the house in Columbia.

Yesterday was spent unpacking the truck. Stephanie did 99.95 percent of the work, all I did was open and close doors. When you’re either using crutches or a wheelchair, moving large, heavy objects is pretty much not possible. But at least I did something. The unpacking was going to continue today, but Stephanie was worn out. So we hired some unloading help and they should be here later. The moral of this story is if a job looks too big for one person to handle, it probably is.

Tomorrow we will hop on a Greyhound bus for a ride back to Tennessee. After a few days there we’ll pack up the dogs in my car and head back to Columbia.

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