Well let’s see…

Since I last posted, I’ve gotten married, been on a honeymoon to Mexico and Belize, and made it back to Knoxville. Since coming back to Knoxville I have finished driving training finally, so I can actually drive my car now. Not that I’m all that crazy about driving again, it’s just one of those things you have to do.

Other than that Stephanie and I have been opening wedding presents (thanks everybody) and preparing to make the final move to Columbia. Looks like that will happen sometime around July 8. I’m ready to move, but it is a bit overwhelming to be starting all over. Matt, who has just left Knoxville and SIS for Memphis has some thoughts on moving as well.

Thanks Matt and everybody else who helped the wedding go smoothly and thanks in advance to everybody who will be helping us move soon.

In other news, I updated Stephanie’s blog and gave it a fresh coat of paint. Next I’ll try working on this blog a bit.