Lots of new stuff from Apple

Macworld San Francisco is a busy place with lots of new stuff. iPod shuffle, the Mac mini, and lots of new software were introduced.

The iPod shuffle is Apples entry into the flash memory based music player market. Looks good and should sell well, especially since it has the iPod name. But I already have an iPod, so I doubt I’ll be getting one of these anytime soon.

The Mac mini is a really small (6.5 inches wide and 2 inches tall) Mac without a monitor and a mini price, starting at $499. Apple finally has something that can complete on price which the average cheap Windows PC. And it looks really nice too. If I didn’t already have a iMac G4 that does what I need, I’d buy one of these. Like this blog at O’Reily says, the size and power of the Mac mini make it a very versatile computer.