Doctors and TennCare

Well, I finally made it to the eye doctor the driving evaluation people at Patricia Neal wanted me to see. And guess what? There isn’t a thing wrong with my eyes that should stop me from driving. My eyes work a little differently than most people’s, but that’s not a result of the wreck, that’s just me. I have a valid driver’s license and 20/20 or better vision and now a doctor has said my eyes are fine. So now maybe they’ll teach me how use hand controls.

I’ve wasted over a month waiting for a doctor to confirm what I’ve been saying all along. Now my only problem is how to pay for the lessons. I still haven’t been able to figure that out and haven’t been able to talk to the right people to help me figure it out either. At least I probably don’t have to play for the visit to the eye doctor today.

To top it off, it looks like I’m going to lose TennCare, or at least have my benefits reduced. But any changes to TennCare probably won’t happen until April, according to the state’s website. So we’ll see what happens.

I’m just glad that TennCare has gotten me this far. My medical bills since the wreck have been in the hundreds of thousands of dollars range. Thankfully all the major stuff is behind me (I hope) and the only thing TennCare is paying for now is a prescription or two, the occasional doctor visit and therapy. But therapy is still a major expense that I couldn’t pay myself. So I want to hang on to TennCare as long as I can, or at least have some kind of insurance if I lose TennCare.

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