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Updated to Moveable Type 3.0 D

Well I updated the blog to MT 3.0 D I had thought about switching to WordPress and I still might at some point, like the next time the MT license changes. But I got a beta tester discount and had previously donated to MT, so my upgrade cost was quite small.

But for those thinking about ditching Movable type, you can compare blog/CMS software here or here. And if you want a compelling reason to switch, Mark Pilgrim has one.

3 replies on “Updated to Moveable Type 3.0 D”

I tried lots of test comments and got other people to post test comments. Normal commenting without TypeKey works just fine. As for using TypeKey I don’t know, I haven’t used it.

And even though I paid $24 after discounts for a MT personal license, I keep looking at WordPress and will probably switch sooner rather than later. I really expected 3.0 final to be out by now and I’ve already killed my previous blog design in favor of the crap you see now. So I really have no reason not to switch now.

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