Movable Type Comments and custom site icons

Movable Type has always had a problem, at least when using Internet Explorer 6 as your web browser, which most people are. Comments have this habit of being invisible when you first view them, only to reappear when highlighted with the mouse or the page is reloaded. Turns out this is an easily fixed CSS bug. Details on how to fix this problem are over at King of Fools.

Update: Sadly that fix doesn’t seem to work all the time. However stripping the CSS out of the comment form does seem to work. Instructions on how to do this are again from King of Fools.

In addition to fixing the comments I have also added a custom icon to the site. So instead of seeing the default icon next to, you will now see a blue “LM”. Instructions on how to do this are at Web Page Design for Designers. I used a freeware icon editor called GoldIcon to create the Library Monk icon.

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