Once again cooking with gas!

I am once again in the land of high speed Internet access! My DSL line from Sprint is finally active and working so getting online is no longer an ordeal. But I’m still one finger typing. Can’t have it all I guess.

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  1. hey-hey, Speed-Racer! (I didn’t even know Sprint was into the DSL gig… but I suppose that these days all phone/cable-related companies pretty much offer everything repackaged and rebundled from someone else’s service…)

    So are your plans to blog daily? Weekly? Or just see how it goes?

  2. Nah, it’s more fun to try and get my fingers to work at this point, although i’ll probably end up getting something like Via Voice or Dragon.

    To answer an earlier comment infozo, Sprint is the local phone company here in northeast TN, so I pretty much had to get DSL from them.

  3. You might have already looked at it, but you should try going to the Christopher Reeves Paralysis Center site. Well light a candle for you.

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