Digital Cuneiform and things not to do at your library

UCLA has a Cuneiform Digital Library online. I’ve only seen a few cuneiform tablets, safely behind glass of course. Digital libraries like this are great because it allows access to things people probably wouldn’t be able to see otherwise. But the tablets will definitely last longer than this incarnation of the digital library will. Cuneiform lasts thousands of years in its original state, but this web site will be lucky to last 5 years without something new coming along. Such is the pace of information technology.

On a lighter note, I am on the public relations committee for the Tennessee Library Association and we are currently working on a statewide theme for 2004. Here are some themes that probably wouldn’t work.

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  1. Dear Dr. Dan,
    After I quit crying, because I was laughing so much…so loud…and so hard there were some “Inversely proportional/Directly Proportional” items that came to mind:

    1.) Have you ever noticed that the girth of ones waistline is directly proportional to the amount of “fast food” consumed while studying in the library?

    2.) Have you ever noticed that the pupil’s tolerance for sunlight is Indirectly proportional to the amount of time spent in the library studying, whether it is daylight or dark?

    3.) Have you ever noticed that the weight of one’s bookbag is inversely proportional to ones major course of study as an Undergraduate?


  2. Really?
    But libraries are so sexually inspiring.
    Sensual even.
    I can’t see how anyone could turn down a (positive) opportunity to get lucky in the stacks.

    The idea itself is a staple of the american sexual mythos and is features prominently in our media as part of the sexuality of intelligence.

    It touches on so many different taboos and would make a great seires of ads for exploring your library again.

    They have starbucks in the main branch here now,..
    I woudl think a fantasy for adults video outlet would be just a small step to the side from there.


  3. Ah, Knotty Klown. I have heard of you from the great Infozo! While I for one would welcome getting lucky in the stacks, as a library theme it probably wouldn’t work in our repressed society.

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