iTunes for Windows and anti USA PATRIOT Act bumper sticker

Yesterday was my birthday. In case you are wondering I am now one score and five. Just thought I would lead off with that. And I have a recording of a certain clown singing…. On a related musical note I just installed iTunes for Windows. Nice software. The reason I installed it was so I could more easily share the my library between the iMac where I have all my music and the Windows box. Works flawlessly and I am quite happy.

In other news I am the proud owner of an anti-PATRIOT Act bumper sticker offered on eBay by Jessamyn of fame. Am I going to put it on my car? Probably not. I do most of my traveling by foot anyway. The auction just seemed like a good excuse to donate to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and show my disdain for the infamous PATRIOT Act. I may frame the sticker and put it on my wall.

2 Replies to “iTunes for Windows and anti USA PATRIOT Act bumper sticker”

  1. dude, I just installed iTunes for Windows today also! Bumper sticker is in the mail.


  2. Yep I like it. I’ll probably do most of my music burning and storage on the iMac still but it’s very slick port of the program. Now if only they would make QuickTime for Windows look that good.

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