Computers, Blogrolls, and Studio MX 2004

The computer situation is back to normal finally. I have my Pentium 4 back on my desk in working order, which means my notebook can take a well deserved rest. I also now have a dual monitor setup, a Dell UltraSharp 19 inch LCD and a ViewSonic VE 700 17 inch LCD both running at 1280×1024. The Dell is a better monitor and on a digital connection while the ViewSonic is analog. Both are good, I’m just working on getting the colors etc. balanced just right. Dual monitors is very nice. With these and the iMac on my desk i have a nice semicircle of screens. I’m glad it’s a sizable desk.

I have a BlogRolling account now, I just need to get the time to set it up. I purchased and installed Macromedia Studio MX 2004 yesterday. Very nice and it supports secure FTP which alone is worth the price. My only quibble is that it has an activation scheme, which means no installing it on the laptop for me. But I may eventually find a way around that. But that might violate the DMCA which seems to equate to treason these days.

I’m disappearing for a few days since it is fall break here at the University of Tennessee. Yay! A break from academic madness.

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  1. Boo.

    Hey, I may be completely wrong on this, but I think you’re the Merlin I’m looking for. [If not, ignore me.] I was just randomly looking up my old classmates and found you…


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