John Ashcroft – Master of Tact

From AP, John Ashcroft is quoted as saying people are being wrongly led to believe that libraries have been “surrounded by the FBI,” with agents “dressed in raincoats, dark suits and sunglasses. Raincoats? Maybe in Seattle. Anyway…

He goes on to say that, “Now, you may have thought with all this hysteria and hyperbole, something had to be wrong,” Ashcroft said. “Do we at the Justice Department really care what you are reading? No.”

And then Mark Corallo, speaking for the DOJ, states, “The American Librarian Association “has been somewhat duped by those who are ideologically opposed to the Patriot Act.” So now librarians and hysterical and easily duped. Man, I just love the Bush administration.

Of course ALA has issued a response.

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