Upon the Subject of Web Servers

Now that I had the computer and the network taken care of, it was time to turn the setup into a web server. Here we get into territory that’s pretty close to my job. So to make things more interesting for me and to help others in the IT 566 class I decided to look around for good tutorials and see if they actually worked so I could pass them along.

I found instructions in the Ubuntu documentation about ways to install a LAMP stack. (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)

I chose to use Taskel because I hadn’t used it before. I used apt-get to install taskel (sudo apt-get install tasksel) and then continued to follow the instructions. I configured Apache and PHP 5. Other than changing the MySQL root password I didn’t do anything else to MySQL, since I didn’t need it at the moment. I stuck to making sure Apache and PHP 5 worked, even though all I absolutely needed at this point was Apache.

You can get to my server by going to http://librarymonk.zapto.org. I’ll explain how I got that name in another post.

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