Upon the Subject of Servers

One of the assignments for IT 566 is getting a server. This presented a problem for me, as I’m not in a position to spend even a few hundred dollars on a extra computer. My main computer is a 4 year old laptop that the keys have started falling off of. Luckily a friend at work had an old computer at home with keyboard, mouse, and 15 inch LCD monitor. All it needed was a new hard drive. Another friend gave me a 80 GB hard drive, so problem solved. Cleaned the dust out of the computer, installed the hard drive and presto free working computer.

The computer is a Dell Dimension B110.
Single core 2.53 GHz Celeron D processor
1.25 GB RAM (one GB DIMM, one 256 MB DIMM)
80 GB IDE hard drive
Integrated video, sound, and 10/100 networking

Picture is below. Sorry about the horrible quality. The only camera I have is the webcam in my laptop. I had to shine a desk lamp directly on the computer to even get a picture that good. You can sort of see the Dell logo and model on the front and the power light. There’s a Linksys router in the classic blue on the top of the computer. I’ll talk more about my network setup in another post.

Dell server - Click for larger image

Clicking the image will show a larger version of the file, but the quality isn’t any better.