Three years

Well it’s been 3 years since the wreck. And I think life is just now stabilizing. Since the wreck I’ve gotten engaged, married, and welcomed my daughter into the world. I’ve dropped out of 2 Ph.D programs and gotten a full time job. I’ve moved several times and will hopefully move for a last time next month. To quote Indiana Jones “It’s not the years, honey, it’s the mileage.”

And speaking of years, I’m now 28. Funny, I feel like I should be about 58.

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  1. Golly gee how time does pass. I met you and Howard the 27th of Oct 1990 at the Music City Show……
    so is the trailer sitting there as a museum to Howard? Ever run across the “Dirty Dancing double disc “? The Corning Ware pan?
    Ever go see your Grandmother Greene?
    You’re welcome to Nashville….enjoy the Library Conference….I’ve got better things to do…..
    Amazing what time does not change….your Father said he wouldn’t grow up….at least he was a gentelman. The only story he ever told me was “see ‘ya next week” on New Year’s Eve ’03. Still have that collection he/we were going to Orlando to get “containters’ for ??

  2. Usually Susan, I delete your comments, I’m leaving this one up because I just don’t care anymore. To answer your questions. The trailer was sold over a year ago, I don’t know who lives there now.

    As for the stuff that dad had that was yours, if it was still in that trailer it got sold at the auction. Since I never saw it, I’m assuming it’s long gone now. I was pretty incapacitated when dad died and in Missouri when the trailer sold, I was never in either dad’s condo or the trailer after he died.

    I still have the coin collection and I haven’t spoken to dad’s mother or his sister in almost 2 years now. I don’t know where they live now and while I hope they are well, I don’t feel the need to track them down.

    It’s been almost 3 years since dad died and over a year since the trailer was sold. I’ve moved on with my life and would appreciate it if you did the same.

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