New MacBooks are here

Apple finally released the new MacBooks today. It’s a good option for people like me who think that the MacBook Pro is a bit too expensive. The entry level MacBook is $1099, the entry MacBook Pro is $1999. Sure, the MB Pro has dedicated video chip/memory and a few bells and whistles like a illuminated keyboard, a FireWire 800 port, and an ExpressCard slot. While I’d like dedicated video I can live without the rest of the “upgrades”. It’s not really worth $800. Apple has a full comparison chart..

I’d buy a MacBook, but I’d definitely upgrade the hard drive a bit and max out the RAM. It’s not a new problem but why do Apple RAM upgrades cost so much? Upgrading the MacBook from the stock 512 MB to 2GB costs $500. RAM is not that expensive from other places, is Apple memory gold plated?

Update: Macworld has its first impressions