Haven’t posted in a while, been a bit busy. Can’t really seem to get a whole lot done, something is always coming up. Usually related to Lisa 🙂 I’m not complaining, I’ve just realized that my time management skills are exceptionally bad right now. Not that they’ve even been that good.

But this next week is spring break, so it’s time to hit the reset button. I’ve got a paper that’s due April 4, and two more papers that are due around the end of April. I’ve also got to start working on a poster session for LITA 2006 , “Web Services Librarianship 2000 to 2005: Analysis of Position Announcements”. At least the Downtown Sheraton Hotel in Nashville looks nice.

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  1. Hi! I saw on the LITA site that someone was doing a poster session on position announcements and then was guided to your blog by searching on the session.

    I’m very interested because my job title may change as I take on more back-end database work- php, mysql, access. I’m wondereing if there’s a common title for folks doing this kind of work.


  2. Hopefully by October I’ll have an answer for you. I’m using “Web Services Librarian” as a blanket term right now. I’m looking at exactly what you describe, positions changing as the technology changes.

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