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More on Firefly

The Sci-Fi channel has picked up on the Firefly Season Two story. Like this article says, it’s a complicated story and Firefly Season Two probably won’t happen.

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Hi, Dan,

I happened on your website while googling “Catholic genre fiction.” and am glad I did. My husband and I are both Firefly fans, and we’re both hoping Mr. Underhill is on the up-and-up.

However, I was even more excited to read about your love for Canticle for Liebowitz–a favoirte of mine, since I write Catholic SF. In fact, I would like to “talk” to you about Rob’s and my newest book, Infinite Space, Infinite God and about Catholic writing. I could not find any contact info, however, which is why I’m mentioning it on this post. I’d appreciate it if you’d contact me.

In the meantime, I hope the return to the old medication is working out for you. Keep blogging.

Thanks and God bless,
Karina L. Fabian

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