The iMac lives

Well, earlier this month I reported that my iMac was dead. Well it’s alive again. Turns out that it wasn’t dead after all. Joe at MMCS had it for a week and it ran rock solid. He defragged the drive and fixed a few disk permissions but he didn’t find anything would cause a kernel panic.

Turns out the problem was my keyboard. I had spilled fruit punch in it a few months ago, I don’t really remember when. I flipped it over as fast as I could and the keyboard still worked, so I thought it was ok. I figured I’d buy a new keyboard eventually, but I was in no hurry. I could live with a nasty, sticky keyboard for a while.

When the iMac kernel panicked I unplugged everything but the keyboard and mouse. It never occurred to me that the keyboard was the problem. Well it was. So $81 dollars later I have a iMac with a clean bill of health and a new keyboard. Much cheaper than it might have been. Thanks Joe.

Oh, and Merry Christmas everybody!