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Blogging in Johnson City

‘Geeks’ seek to develop area’s blogging

This article from the Johnson City press sounds like something the Tri-Cities Computer Club might do if it was still and functioning organization.

More info is at Jose Castillo’s blog. Wonder if anybody from the Rocky Top Brigade was there? Although I guess that’s more of a Knoxville thing.

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Thanks for the article and I have actually considered joining the Rocky Top Brigade. There are several of us blogger – podcaster folks that feel right at home here in Rocky Top. We have talked about expanding this idea to Knoxville – Asheville – and the surrounding area. Are you located in Knox-vegas?

Thanks again for the post and I will add this to the list of links.


I’m originally from the Johnson City area, did undergrad at ETSU (1996-2000), then lived in Knox-vegas doing grad school at UT (2001-05). In July of this year I moved to Columbia, Missouri to finish my Ph.D.

I plan on heading back to the East Tennessee area when I’m done here.

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