The greatest cataloger ever

In a follow up to this post on cataloging , Sanford Berman is’s, Crush of the Week .

And now I get to play Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, only without the pork. :-)At UTK’s School of Information Sciences I was in the Ph.D program with Dick Kawooya. Among other things Dick is helping to build connections between UTK SIS, MU SISLT and Makerere University in his home country, Uganda.

Berman was a librarian at Makerere in 1971-72 according to his bio. And it only took me one person to make the connection. Thanks Dick for connecting me to the most famous (or should it be infamous?) cataloger of our time.

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  1. You might want to fix the spelling of Sanford (only one “d,” at the end) Berman (no “g”)’s name…just a little authority control issue.

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