Update on Life

The past week on so has been nuts. It started last Friday, we were taking care of a friend’s cats Friday, named George and Gracie. Taking care of the cats was no problem. Gracie didn’t come out too much but George was friendly. However, the electronic push button shifter box in my car decided it wouldn’t let the car shift out of drive. We got a ride home Friday night and got the car towed Saturday morning.

We also went car shopping for Stephanie Saturday afternoon, she’s started growing and the Kia is getting difficult to drive. We found a car, a hunter green 1999 Toyota Camry LE. We paid for it Monday afternoon and got it Monday night, it had to get inspected and worked on a bit before we got it.

Tuesday we went and checked on my car. I wanted the shifter box taken out of my car. I didn’t really need it anyway and I’d prefer my car not get stuck like that again. But taking it out seems to be easier said than done. Apparently, in addition the shifter box being an expensive piece of junk, the original shifter cable needs a connector replaced so it can get put back to normal. I probably won’t get my car back until next week. But we ordered hand controls and a steering knob for Stephanie’s new car, so if my car is ever out of commission again it least I’ll be able to drive something else.

Yesterday we got Stephanie’s tags transferred to the Toyota. Then we got new tires for it. That made for a long day.

Today we saw Serenity. Good movie and a nice continuation of the Firefly TV series.

After we got back from the movie Stephanie got a call from the doctor. She might have an infection, she goes to get the test rerun tomorrow. Hopefully the test just got messed up, but better safe than sorry.