Walking to class

Wow, 3 days and 3 posts to my blog. I haven’t been this consistent in a while.

Anyway today left the wheel chair in the trunk and I walked to class. And really the wheelchair is no faster than walking with crutches. The only advantages the chair has are that when I get tired I can stop and rest very easily and I can be pushed by someone else if needed. But with the crutches I can take more direct routes than looking for the wheelchair accessible doors, etc.

I finally decided that the wheelchair is a convenience, not a necessity 95% of the time. Sure I get worn out using the crutches. But I got worn out using the chair too. My left knee is very unhappy with me from all the walking, but that’s nothing new. So from now on I with be walking a lot more and wheeling a lot less. Hopefully it will just get easier from here.

4 Replies to “Walking to class”

  1. Your wife is not the only one proud. Your progress brings tears to my eyes and you never cease to amaze me with your fortitude and progress. Keep up the good work, son.

  2. Kickass! Get real good at it, and you can go out with richard and get hopelessly lost and eaten by a wild animal, too.

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