Really a student now

Well, I’m really a student now. Spent 6 hours today talking homework for Qualitative Methods I. Qual I is basically statistics and regression analysis. Which isn’t that hard, I’m reasonably good with SPSS. Except for this homework we had to show our work. So while we didn’t have to do everything by hand, I used Excel, we couldn’t just plug the data into SPSS and interpret the results.

I haven’t had to actually show my work in a stats class since an undergrad class in Elementary Statistics in 1999. So I was a but rusty, ok extremely rusty. 🙂 Thankfully Stephanie is good with numbers and she helped get things figured out. Thanks Hobbit, my brain hasn’t had to work that hard in a while.

I went to a SLIST Ph.D student meeting last Friday. There were about two dozen students there. Most of the Ph.D students are more focused on educational technology, there are about six or so information science doctoral students. This Friday I have a meeting with the other doctoral students that are funded by the same grant I’m on. I’m well on my way to getting back in the academic swing on things.

In other news I’ve had a new computer for a few weeks now. it’s a Dell Dimension 9100. the specs of mine are a little different then the system in the review, but it’s a very nice system and I’m happy to have a computer that works like it’s supposed to.

On the baby front Stephanie has a doctors appointment tomorrow to see how things and going with Peanut. More about that tomorrow.

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