Happy Monday

Well, let’s see. I drove by myself for the first time yesterday. It felt strange since I haven’t been my myself in a car for a long time. I just drove around the neighborhood. There wasn’t much traffic, although I did have to deal with stop signs and a traffic signal. It was pretty sloppy actually, my turns were to wide and my braking wasn’t that quick. A lot of that has to do with the fact that I haven’t found just the right seat position yet. I think I was a little too far away from the wheel.

In other news, I fixed a problem with my computer not starting Windows XP half the time. Turns out I just needed to update my video card drivers. Now if I could just make my computer shutdown and restart correctly I’d be happy.

I decided to update my iMac to OS X Tiger. As part of that I’m doing two things. One is finally burning an iMovie project that has been on the iMac for two years to DVD. But I have to wait for the blank DVD-R discs that I ordered to get here. Maybe they’ll show up tomorrow.

The second thing is I’m formatting the drive so I can do a clean install of Tiger. But I have 14 GB of 2770 songs on there that I don’t want to lose. So I ordered a 160GB OWC Mercury Elite external hard drive. That will give me plenty of room to back up the iMac hard drive (it’s only 60 GB) and room to store the next iMovie project that I forget about burning to DVD. 🙂 So this will be a busy week for the iMac.

I had a hard drive that I was going to use to back up the iMac already, but in the process on reformatting it for the Mac OS filesystem it died. It was an old drive that I had put in an enclosure, I hadn’t used the drive in almost 2 years anyway, so it’s no great loss. I’ve ordered a new hard drive for the enclosure so Stephanie can have a backup drive.

Well I’ll stop now, this post is getting a bit long. 🙂

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