A up and down week

Last week was a roller coaster. Monday and Tuesday were fine. Wednesday, Stephanie needed a day off, so she took it. Thursday, she had a day off and took me to my driving evaluation at Patricia Neal. That went well, looks like I’ll just be using a left foot gas pedal, not hand controls. I have more training this week. So I’ll be driving the Jetta soon I hope.

I also got my taxes done at H&R Block Thursday, that was great. Not only do I not owe anything, I get a refund. I had money set aside to pay taxes, but since I didn’t have to use it we paid off all our credit cards instead. So except for Stephanie’s student loans we are now debt free. Which is good because Friday was a bad day.

Stephanie lost her job Friday, she has details at her blog. So we are a bit short on income now, but thanks to the tax money I didn’t have to give to the government, things aren’t nearly as bad as they could be.

In other news I finally got around to showing Stephanie how too add pictures to her Gallery so there are lots of new pictures online.