The Commonly Confused Words Test

I found the The Commonly Confused Words Test via Neil’s World. It looked interesting so I gave it a shot. Here’s how I did:

You scored 100% Beginner, 86% Intermediate, 87% Advanced, and 55% Expert!

You have an extremely good understanding of beginner, intermediate, and advanced level commonly confused English words, getting at least 75% of each of these three levels’ questions correct. This is an exceptional score. Remember, these are commonly confused English words, which means most people don’t use them properly. You got an extremely respectable score.

A partial answer key can be found here.

3 Replies to “The Commonly Confused Words Test”

  1. Scored a perfect 100. I think I’ll rub that in to whoever didn’t. I need an ego boost.

  2. You scored 93% Beginner, 93% Intermediate, 93% Advanced, and 77% Expert!

    Hmmph. The difficult/hard explanation is weak.

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