End of another week

Well, what happened this week? Stephanie and I spent Tuesday working on wedding stuff. We got the tuxes taken care of and figured out the wedding rings. Wednesday was fun. I had to teach in my information society class, that was no problem. Except that my scooter ran out of power on the way to class, hills really drain the battery. Luckily I was able to call a friend and he pushed the scooter to his car and gave me a ride to class. Later that afternoon the scooter ran out of power again but this time I was able to make it to a power outlet for a recharge.

Wednesday I also found out that I made it to the interview process for admission into the SISLT Ph.D. program at the University of Missouri – Columbia. My phone interview is Monday March 7 at 9:00 am central time. Wish me luck.

Thursday I got the chance to talk to Donna Nicely, director of the Nashville Public Library, for almost 2 hours. It was an great experience and that conversation should help with my Ph.D. admissions interview, since I want to study public libraries, information policy and technology.

I haven’t made any progress yet with driving training, the paperwork is either lost or in transit. Walking is getting better, I’ve cut back on the baclofen and that’s making my muscles work more. My legs ache a lot but that’s just because they are working harder and building strength. Plus less baclofen means I can actually stay awake. 🙂