Driving and other things

Maybe I’ll get to drive one day. To recap what as happened so far. I had on the road driving training scheduled for February 3rd. But I had to wait to talk to Voc. Rehab, so they would pay for it. So I’ve been waiting ever since then to get driving training rescheduled. Paperwork keeps getting lost or thrown away. I’ve jumped through every hoop people have asked me to jump through since November.

I’m way past annoyed now and and am rapidly approaching mad. I’ve been splitting my time between living on campus and at the house. It’s really starting to get old. I never feel like I get anything done because I’m always moving back and forth. I hardly ever get to see Stephanie anymore, I’m either at the church or she’s working. Driving would make life a whole lot simpler and less stressful for both of us.

But good things are happening too. If you’ve read Stephanie’s blog you know that she has Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Well, Stephanie now has health insurance through her job and went to the doctor this week. He gave her a prescription for Metformin, which reduces or reverses the effects of PCOS.

And in other news we now have a wedding website up. Not a lot there yet, but we do have information on our honeymoon, as well as where we are registered.

Well I guess I’ll stop now and attempt to work on a paper that’s due Wednesday night. Actually it’s just a proposal but it still needs to get done.